Thursday, May 20, 2010

Update On Tee Land

Things are still plugging along here in Tee Land. I have a few things to update here today. Nothing too spectacular, just little things.

On the fitness front, I'm now using 10 pound weights for my arm routine. I broke down almost a month ago and bought a pair from Amazon, and I'm glad I did.

The first day I used them, there was a big difference. I just did one set of all my arm exercises, and only did 10 reps. I'm now up to one set of 15 reps, except for the lying triceps extensions. I only do 10 reps of them. They're still tough. But I'll get there. I'm not quite ready for two sets, yet. It may be a while, as my arms are pretty much dead after I've done everything. It does feel good to lift more weight though.

My elliptical routine is going well. My left ankle is OK. I've done some more research online, and instead of tendonitis, I have muscle knots. That makes sense, because I can actually feel the knots. Stretching before and after my elliptical workout is helping, plus I use my new gel pack as a heating pad and that helps.

I love this ice pack. It gets freezing , but when you put it in the sleeve, it doesn't seem all that cold. When you take it off 20 minutes later, you realize just how cold it gets. Always use it in the sleeve, you'll get frost bite otherwise I'm sure. You can use it as a heating pack also, which is what I've been doing lately. It gets super hot, and the sleeve is a must or you'll burn yourself. It's definitely been a good buy for me.

Not sure if it actually does anything, but I'm using Icy Hot spray in my lower leg. I was expecting this stuff to go ice cold, and then heat up. It is cold going on, but I don't feel any heat.

I'm back up to .8 mile on my elliptical. I plan on aiming for .9 tomorrow and then a full mile next Friday. I like upping my distance on Fridays, because it gives me the full weekend to recover. I took last week off because I didn't like how my ankle muscle was feeling, and when I got back on it Monday, my endurance was still up there. So, taking time off is definitely a good thing now and then.

Once I get back up to one mile, I plan on doing .5 mile on my “off” days. I'd like to get back to doing a mile six days a week, but we'll see. I'll get there eventually, as long as I have no issues. Need to remember to heat or ice my muscles afterward. I can't tell which helps more, an ice pack or heat. I think heat works best on muscle knots, at least for me anyway.

On the writing front, things are still going well. I still have the person I write for from TextBroker. He sends me about 13 topics every two or three weeks. This is an “off” week right now, and I'm being a lazy bum. There's a lot of writing I could be doing, but I'm not. I did pick up one topic from Demand Studios and I have a week to get it written. I need to write more about that site soon, to give you a better idea of how I came to write there.

For now, I should probably end this, and get a snack. I've been a bottomless pit lately. I think it's because of my elliptical workouts. I seem to be hungrier when I'm more active. I see some sliced peaches in my near future.

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