Thursday, January 6, 2011

Getting Caught Up On Mileage…Again

I know, I know, I’m slacking again. Hope everyone had a good holiday and a great New Years. I don’t intend on making any new year’s resolutions. I tend to make goals every month (even if I don’t post them), rather than look at the entire year. One month at a time is good for me. Basically, my goal is to just keep moving.

Good news is, we discovered what is wrong with the elliptical display screen. Bad news is, it doesn’t stay fixed for long. What the problem is this. The springs in the battery compartment are squished too much, and the batteries are bouncing around. When they bounce around too much, the display resets. My husband stretched the coils, and that seemed to help for about a day. It’s back to resetting every 30 seconds again. I’ll have him stretch the coils again soon. But in the meantime, I’m estimating my distance. I’m going one mile in 35 minutes. I’m probably going a little over a mile, but not much.

So, on to the photos from the virtual walk. I’ve gone five miles since my last post. Now that the weather is clear again, I should be able to get in more consecutive days, and stop taking days off for one reason or another. I’m aiming for about 6 miles a week.

Mile 208.8


Mile 209.8


Mile 210.8


Mile 211.8


Mile 212.8


Still looks nice an sunny on the VA roads. I’m about 8 miles away from Rockfish, VA in Charlottesville County. Hopefully, I can post more than once every week from now on. Bets? Keep on moving!

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