Sunday, May 18, 2014

Explaining The "Jerk Move" Better.

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I had a really rough week last week with my balance. The "jerk move" returned with a vengeance. I actually think it was creeping up on me over a few days, and I didn't notice it until it got BAD. I haven't had it that bad since January of 2013. I'll try and explain what the "jerk move" is a little better than I did before.

What do I feel when the jerk move happens? I feel like someone has a grip on my left hip and is tugging me to the left and backward. It normally happens when I try to take a step with my left foot. My left leg will not swing forward far enough, I'll hesitate, and I'll sort of do this funny looking jerk. After I jerk, I can move for a little bit, until it happens again. I'll often feel this tugging sensation just standing in one spot

Another thing that happens during this"bad balance" time is what I call "spontaneous sit downs". I'll stand up and immediately sit back down uncontrollably. This jerk move sensation is uncomfortable and very annoying. There's absolutely nothing I can do to stop it other than getting my butt into the chiropractor ASAP. And that's what I did.

I talked with my chiropractor back in January 2013 about what would cause this. He said it stems from my neck being out of alignment in a certain way. I always thought it was from my lower back or hip being out of whack. I feel it in my hip and lower back because those muscles are compensating for the bad balance and trying to fight not to fall.

This past Tuesday I went in to get this issue fixed, and I had giant knots in my left hip and lower left back. He worked on that area for a while, and while it was a bit painful, it also felt good to have that area relax. Even now, about five days later, I still feel achy and stiff in that area. I'm also dealing with the lingering lack of confidence due to this.

I'm still anticipating the tugging feeling so I'm hesitating with my movements. Particularly when I'm not wearing shoes. But I don't feel that tugging sensation, so my mind is just being mean to me. I just need to work through it, and keep moving.

Hopefully this is a better explanation than my last attempt. It's hard to explain exactly what it feels like. This is as close as I can get.

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