Thursday, February 3, 2011

Biggest Loser Rant Post

If you haven’t seen this week’s Biggest Loser episode, then don’t read this until you do. I’m annoyed at several of the contestants this season. Why? Because they basically quit. I’m referring to Dan, Don (twins – black team), and Irene (orange team). Both Dan and Don were missing home and missing their families. I can understand that, but you signed up for the show for a reason. You were chosen to go to the Biggest Loser ranch out of millions of contestants. I’m not sure how long the contestants are on the ranch from the first week to the last, but I think it’s about 4 months. Yes, that’s a long time to be away from your family. But again, you signed up to do it. If you’re not sure you can handle being away from home that long, think twice about applying.

A few weeks ago, Dan and Don had enough (it was only week 3 at the time), and decided (in my opinion) to sabotage themselves. They both gained 9 pounds at that week’s weigh in. My jaw dropped at that, and I could not believe it. Nine pounds…each. I’ve seen contestants gain before, but 9 pounds? My first question was how. How can anyone gain 9 pounds in one week? One pound is equal to 3,500 calories. To gain 9 pounds, they’d have to consume 31,500 calories. Each. How do you do that? The cameras never showed them eating, but they had to have eaten a ton of food when no one was around.

Here’s my problem with Dan and Don (I’ll get to Irene in a minute). If you’re that homesick, why not just walk away? Why wait to be eliminated? Why waste everyone’s time? My husband gave me that answer. They waited to be eliminated so they could still participate in the “at home” challenge. This made me even more annoyed. If you sabotage yourself (and I have no doubt they did), you should be disqualified for the at home portion of the competition. It’s the same thing with the show Survivor. Last season, two contestants on Survivor quit, but were still a part of the jury. I am so glad that Survivor put a new rule stating that if a person quits from now on, they will not be on the jury (I was angry last season about the two being allowed to stay). Anyway, back to The Biggest Loser. If you gain weight on purpose, you should be out, gone, and not allowed to come back. It may sound harsh, but that type of B.S. gets on my last nerve.

Now, onto Irene. Since Irene’s partner went home the first week, and one of the twins left, Irene and the other twin got paired up to be a team for the week. Fine. Fast forward to the weigh in. Not only did the twin (keep forgetting which one) gain 6 pounds, but Irene gained 6 also. What?!?!?!? Why did she agree to gain weight? I don’t get it. Again, if you want to go home, go home. Just leave. Don’t bring someone in on your plan to be eliminated. Why did Irene agree to gain weight? I have no clue. It makes no sense to me. I want her gone soon.

I understand this is just a show, but for a lot of the contestants it’s more than just winning $250,000 at the end. It’s about learning a healthy way of living. They want to learn how to eat right and exercise to maintain a healthy weight. Obviously Dan, Don and Irene blew the healthy eating (even if they didn’t show it, I believe they ate a lot), part of the lifestyle change. I keep thinking about all the other people out there who would love to have been chosen for the opportunity to train with Bob, Jillian, Cara, and Bret. Even Bob said that a few weeks ago when Dan and Don gained 9 pounds. He said he couldn’t help but think two other people could have been there instead.

So, that’s my rant. It bugs the heck out of me that these three people just blew it like that. I want them to lose the weight and be healthy, don’t get me wrong. Both Dan and Don continued to lose weight, and are looking good. But, it just irks me to no end that they pulled that stunt.

I don’t have a favorite contestant this season yet. I am sad that this will be the last season with Jillian Michaels in it. I’ll miss her on future seasons, but understand her reasons for leaving. I need to get used to Cara and Bret. I need to see more of how they train people. Right now, it seems to be only boxing workouts. I’m glad Bob Harper is staying (as far as I know). I always flip flop on who I would choose to train with if I had the opportunity. Bob or Jillian. It’s hard to choose.

How do you all feel about what happened on the show? Are you annoyed?

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