Friday, February 18, 2011

New Blog Home (Returning I Should Say)

Keep Moving Tee was originally set up on Wordpress a year and a half ago (or somewhere along those lines). I got a wild hair not long after setting it up to try and make some money through blogging. Blogger was a good option, so I went over there. However, I think in the year or so that it was on Blogger, it made about $1.50. I don’t really understand how it works, and I honestly don’t want to find out (call me lazy) what all I have to do to make money blogging. And the main reason I’m leaving Blogger, I can take down all the ads. Well, I could have done that anyway and stayed at Blogger, but I much prefer this site.

Wordpress is much more clean looking, it has more functionality than Blogger, and I’m coming back! I have no intention of trying to make money through this anymore, and I’d rather be on a platform I like. The good thing about coming back to Wordpress, is it was so simple to export and import all of my Blogger posts. I was a bit worried I’d lose everything, but it worked just fine.

This is just a short post. I’m going to write a quick blurb over on Blogger, leave that site up for another week, then bye bye! I’ll be updating my miles and pictures soon. It’s been way too long. I’ve been a lazy bum this week. I only did my strength training twice (not bad) and got on my elliptical once (today).

Yay for WordPress! Keep moving!

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