Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fragile X Syndrome

I mentioned yesterday that I’d be doing a mile on the elliptical today for a special cause. Unfortunately, my left foot is acting up, and I’m taking that as a sign to switch back to my tennis shoes. I might wear my Five Fingers for shorter workouts, but anything longer than 1/2 mile (at least for now) I’ll be wearing sneakers. Anyway, I did not do the mile, but plan to do a mile hopefully on Monday for the cause.

The cause? Fragile X Syndrome. A childhood friend of mine has a son with Fragile X and for the last 4 years has been setting up a charity 5k run/walk event at the Miami Metro Zoo.

I’m a bit bummed I wasn’t able to do a mile today for it. I try to do it every year when I can. But Monday will be the day. Read more about Fragile X Syndrome here. Hope the event went well today!

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