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2015 Vacation Recap: Whistler British Columbia Food Part 1

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Food, glorious food! We ate rather well while we were in Whistler. Very well indeed. Let's get to it!

For breakfast we ate in the hotel buffet every morning. The buffet was served in The Wildflower at the Fairmont Chateau hotel. Saturday morning, We met up with my parents and my aunt and uncle. Along with the buffet, you could also order off the menu. We had the buffet that morning and I got my self scrambled eggs, bacon, and home fried potato wedges. It was actually quite good for buffet food. I don't usually do buffets, but everything looked to be cooked well and pleasantly arranged.

Sunday morning we again ate at The Wildflower, but this time, I ordered off the menu. They had banana pancakes and I love banana pancakes. And these were especially good because they mix the bananas into the pancake batter. Most of the time when I order banana pancakes, I get pancakes with bananas sliced on top. Having the bananas mixed into the batter made these the best banana pancakes I've had by far. These pancakes had chocolate Nutella drizzled on top and had a bunch of raspberries on the side. No need for syrup or butter on these babies.

Monday morning I went back to the buffet and had the French toast. I got lucky because as I was going over, they were putting fresh slices in. So I had the freshest of the bunch. I had plain old maple syrup on top and it was very good.

Tuesday morning...again the buffet. I had more scrambled eggs, toast with orange jam, and orange juice. I love jam, and this orange jam was very nice.

Wednesday was our last morning and we hit the buffet one more time before hitting the road back to Vancouver (and it's nasty traffic). I again had scrambled eggs, toast with orange jam, and this time I tried the apple spice bread. Yum! That bread was very good. And filling. I was stuffed by the end of that meal. Which was good, since we had a long day of travel ahead of us.

You can check out The Wildflower site by clicking the link.

Our lunches in Whistler were really sporadic. We only had one real lunch meal together. That was Saturday afternoon when we did the Peak to Peak Gondola. We had lunch at the Roundhouse Lodge in the Mountain Market section. Cafeteria style ordering, of which you had plenty of options. I chose to go with a gigantic ham and cheese wrap with lettuce, tomato, and cucumbers. It was so big I only ate half. It was very good though.

Sunday was the day my husband and I wandered around Whistler Village. Since I got very overheated and very thirsty, we decided to stop by a coffee shop. A little place called Lift Coffee Company. I had the best strawberry mango smoothie. It was so cold and so yummy. It was actually heavy when I picked up the cup, so I'm not sure what all they added to it other than the fruit. It kept me full for a while. And kept me cool also.

Monday was our waterfall tour and we just ended up having random snacks in the car. I had a brownie and some chips.

Tuesday after the zip line, we just had Starbucks drinks for lunch. I had my normal mocha frap that I usually get.

You all are going to be mad, but this post is getting a bit long, so I will save dinners for the next post. It will be well worth it though. A lot of great food to come!

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