Sunday, March 20, 2011

250 Miles...Almost

I went about 1.4 miles today on the elliptical in 50 minutes. Felt pretty good. I normally take a few breaks, and that’s what I did today too. I think I can increase my time before my first break. Right now, it’s 25 minutes. I’m going to see if I can do 35 minutes. Tomorrow is my “short” day anyway, of 35 minutes, so I’ll see if I can do it straight through.

Not a whole going on today. It’s a bit cloudy, and they’re saying it’s going to rain. There’s about a 40% or 50% chance I think. Would be nice.Get rid of some of the pollen in the air that is messing with my sinuses. I feel like I have a cold, but it’s just allergy junk. It always happens when the seasons change.

Here’s the picture from today’s 1.4 miles. Mile 249.6.



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Have a great week!

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