Sunday, December 30, 2012

New Year’s Eve Mileage Monday

Stay tuned for my New Year’s resolution post. I’m not a big New Year’s resolutions type of person. If I think of a goal I want to accomplish, I don’t wait for New Years. I have already started one of my goals, and it’s been up and down so far. I’ll get into that tomorrow though. Here are some more pictures from the virtual walk site.

Mile 500 (Elliptical for .5 mile)                                      Mile 501 (Elliptical for 1 mile)

500 Elliptical for .5                       501 Elliptical for 1

Mile 502 (Elliptical for 1 mile)                                       Mile 502.8 Elliptical for .8 mile)

502 Elliptical for 1                       502.8 Elliptical for .8

Mile 503.2 (Elliptical for .5 mile)                                    Mile 503.4 (Elliptical for .2 mile)

503.2 Elliptical for .5                       503.4 Ellptical for .2


(photo credit - Copyright 2006 Lawrence Berkeley Lab)

Have a great new year! Keep moving!

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