Tuesday, December 30, 2014

End Of Year Ramblings And One Resolution

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There haven't been very many posts on this blog in the last year, and I'm hoping to remedy that in 2015. My main goal for 2015 is to stop procrastinating. Not really procrastinating, More like I need to stop giving myself a time limit on when things get done by. Example, I like to get the Mileage Monday posts up early Monday mornings, like before 9 AM. But who says they can't be uploaded until Monday 11:59 PM? It's still Monday right?

Just because I have a set time in my head doesn't mean it has to be done by then. If it's late, who really cares? As long as it gets done, that's what matters. I'm holding myself back...again...with the "all or nothing" mentality. I used to do that with losing weight long long ago. I'd lose a few pounds, then would get stuck for several weeks, so I'd give up. That's pretty much what I'm doing now with "deadlines".

Yes, deadlines are good to have, but to have them be so strict is pointless. I need to be more relaxed (in more ways than one) with when I post things. I have a long long long list of posts to write, but nothing gets done because of my "deadline" issue. So no more deadlines. Just do it and don't worry about how long it takes.

I have a major backlog of pictures from the virtual walk site, but that doesn't mean I've been exercising regularly. Again, my whole "deadline" problem. The deadline I give myself with workouts is I need to start by a certain time. When that start time comes and goes, I start the procrastination process. I need to retrain my brain by telling myself that as long as my workouts get done that's the important thing. I don't have to do it by a certain time (although I love getting my workout done by 8 or 8:30 AM). That's sometimes not realistic.

I'm not making excuses anymore (not that I did here on the blog) for why I'm not getting things done. I'm tired mainly of my "things get in the way/people are coming over" excuse. If people are coming over, so be it. I'm not letting that be an excuse to take the day off from exercise. If people are here when I need to get in the shower, so what? Other people are not the problem, I am the problem. I shouldn't let anything or anyone get in my way of doing what I need to or want to get done. I'm too worried about what other people are doing or thinking. I'm too worried about what the dog is doing for Pete's sake.

So that's pretty much my ramble for the day. I haven't made up any New Year's resolutions. I don't usually wait until the new year to start before I start working on a goal. But this year I am making a resolution to stop worrying about "start and end" deadlines. And to stop procrastinating when those deadlines come and go.

I need to really start implementing the "What You Can When You Can" attitude. I've already written about the WYCWYC strategy, I just need to put it into practice.

Hope everyone has a great new year and a fantastic 2015!

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