Monday, January 5, 2015

Mileage Monday: Hard Habit To Break

I realize now that I sometimes don't post a Mileage Monday entry because I have nothing to say. Well, today is one of those days. However instead of not posting anything at all (like usual), I am still posting the pictures and a short update. This is my first success at beating my procrastination and deadline issue too. It's almost 4 PM here on the west coast, and I am in fact posting. Woohoo for me!

Since my last Mileage Monday entry, I've passed through Maud, KY (Washington county) and Bardstown, KY (Nelson County). I have 20.5 miles to go until I reach Howardstown, KY.

Here are the pictures from the virtual walk site I still have from a long time back.

Mile 838.4 (walk down the street for .2 mile)

Mile 839 (elliptical for .6 mile)

Mile 839.6 (elliptical for .6 mile)

Mile 841 (elliptical for 1.4 miles)

Mile 842 (elliptical for 1 mile)

Mile 843 (elliptical for 1)
(photo credit - virtual walk site)

It has in fact been way too many times that I skipped a Mileage Monday post. The .2 mile walk down the street (first picture) was back in October when I screwed up my upper back by startling. No more waiting until I have "something to say".

Keep Moving!!

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