Monday, April 9, 2012

Mileage Monday

Another mileage Monday coming your way. Still racking up those mile on the Virtual Walk site. I’ve passed through a couple of towns in VA since my last mileage post. I’ve gone through Max Meadows, VA which is in Wythe county, and I just made my way through Wytheville, VA which is also in Wythe county. Next stop is Rural Retreat, VA, and I’m currently still in Wythe county.

Today I did my normal strength training routine and also the 5K With A Twist DVD. I am really enjoying that DVD. I’ll write something about it on Friday, but I can already say I highly recommend it. Here’s the last few pictures from the site.

Mile 418.6 (watp for 3.1 miles)                           Mile 422.8 (watp for 3.1, elliptical for 1)

418.6 Leslie 5k with a twist for 3.1                422.8

Mile 425.8 (watp for 3.1)



(photo credit - Copyright 2006 Lawrence Berkeley Lab)

Keep moving!!

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