Friday, November 2, 2012

Dealing With Sluggishness

I’ve mentioned before that every now and then I feel like I’m an old person. Everything is achy and tired, and it takes all the energy I have to do the simplest things. Last Thursday was one of those days. I did nothing that day. About the only thing I did do was get dressed. Other than that, I was a slug.

Those days are usually few and far between. I don’t know what causes them, they just appear. Friday was a whole other story. I did a ton of housework and managed to throw away one large garbage bag of “stuff” that was under our coffee table. Our coffee table is unique. The top of it lifts up, and there are two cubbies that are used as storage. We keep everything from batteries to product manuals in those cubbies. And a bunch of other stuff. Then the lower part of the table is solid, so we put things down there as well.

I got tired of the clutter, so I got down and cleared everything off. Dust bunnies bounded out like crazy. Old things we never used got tossed. Old manuals got thrown away (I still had the manual for my first elliptical). Now everything is nice and tidy. Since I was kneeling for several hours (I also spent a good hour cleaning the entire bathroom), my legs were tired, and my feet were cramping. I considered that my workout for the day.

I took off Saturday and Sunday also. Not sure what happened Monday and Tuesday, but those days were taken off also. Wednesday, I did half a mile on the elliptical. That half mile put me at an even 500 miles on the virtual walk site. I decided on a half a mile that day instead of a mile because I had a few twinges in my right ankle. Not a big deal, it’s fine today. I could have gone longer, but I wanted to see that 500 mile picture (you’ll see it soon, I promise).

Today’s Friday, and I plan to take today off, only because I have other things I need to do. I plan on doing a mile Saturday, and then go from there.

I tend to listen to my body more as I age. I’m not as young as I used to be, but I’m far from being “old”. Some days I feel like a 20 year old, other days, I feel like I’m 90. I never know until I get out of bed how I’ll feel. Just take it as it comes.

But in the process, keep moving!

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