Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Return of the “Jerk Move”

What is this “jerk move”? I sort of tried to explain it back in February, which was the last time it happened. It’s hard to explain. It feels like the hinges on my legs need oiling. They won’t swing fluidly. When that happens, my body jerks (my legs bend suddenly) and then I can go again for a little bit. I feel very unsteady and unstable. I have no control over when it happens. I actually “sat down forcefully” (i.e. fell) on the couch and on the toilet a few times in the last several days. Took me by surprise. I said to myself “OK, I guess I’ll sit now”.

I’m treating myself to a chiropractor appointment tomorrow afternoon. My husband has been having back issues lately, and he's found a really good chiropractor. So, I’m going to see if that makes a difference. I love chiropractors. I used to see one every 2 or 3 weeks when we lived in Washington State. It actually helped quite a bit back then, so we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

Is this jerk move hip related, neck related (my neck is curved funky, and is always out of whack), or is it related to the colder weather? I’m actually thinking it’s related to the colder weather. Every time these strings of days happens, it’s during the colder months. Last time it happened, it was in February. I also had it happen in Monterey during our trip in late March. It was fairly cold in Monterey when we were there.

I know of a lot of people with cerebral palsy that have more problems when it’s cold. They have a harder time getting around, are a lot more stiff, and have more frequent falls. I was lucky to have grown up in Miami, where it’s almost always warm. We did have days though where it was cold, and when I look back, I do remember having a harder time on those days. I’d fall more during school, especially if I needed to go outside. My high school had separate buildings for each subject. My senior year had me going up and down the stairs after every class (well, I think I had two on the same floor in a row). Up for one class, down and in the other building the next, and so on. So during the cooler months, I had to go outside. I do remember falling more often my senior year. Even fell down the stairs that year (I kicked my own foot and fell, that wasn’t due to being cold).

Right now I’ve stolen my husband’s hoodie and am keeping warm for now. I plan on getting on the elliptical later today. I have no goal in mind for that, just to keep moving. I did half a mile on Monday because I felt unsteady. I wasn’t going to fall off of it (I don’t even think it’s possible for me to fall off of it), but I didn’t feel comfortable at all.

These are the days I take them one at a time and just do what I can. I try not to beat myself up in the process.

Stay warm and keep moving!


  1. [...] My appointment was on Thursday, but I wanted to wait a few days just be sure. I believe the “jerk move” problem is now gone. Whatever is left over is just some confidence issues, and I’m working on [...]

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