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Maharaja Chai Tea Oolong Tea Review (From Teavana)

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Here comes another Teavana tea review. It’s been a long time since I’ve done a tea review. I usually receive three Teavana teas from my parents for the holidays, and this holiday is no different. Here’s the first one I tried. This is the Maharaja Chai Oolong Tea. Here’s some basic information and how to prepare it.


-Oolong tea
-Ginger pieces
-Carob pieces
-Chicory root
-Artificial flavoring (disappointing to see)

How To Prepare:

For every 8 ounces of water, use one teaspoon of tea leaves. The water should be heated to 195 degrees, just before boiling. Steep the tea for three minutes and enjoy!

They recommend to use more tea leaves for a stronger flavor, but I’ve found that steeping the tea longer has the same effect. For some of the teas from Teavana, I’ve steeped the tea for as long as 10 minutes. The only tea you really need to pay attention to time-wise is the green tea.

There is no mistaking this flavored tea. The scent screams chai. I love the smell of chai tea, with the cloves, nutmeg, and cinnamon scents being the strongest. The container this tea comes in is very well sealed. It comes with a plastic pop top type cap under the tin lid. You can’t smell the tea until you pop open the top. Signs of good packaging.

The tea tastes fantastic too. I was a little worried the tea might taste a bit weak. I’m used to getting chai tea lattes from coffee shops, and the chai is so strong from those places, it would be hard to beat. The Teavana chai tea is a little weaker than coffee shops, but that can be remedied if I steep it longer.

I can separate out most of the ingredients by taste if I really try. I’m not sure what cardamom, or carob taste like on their own, but I can definitely pick out the cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg. This is definitely going to be one of my favorites from Teavana. Nice to have on a cool afternoon. I’d like to say “chilly evening”, but for one, it doesn’t get too cold here, and two, I try not to drink anything after 6 or 7 PM.

I recommend this tea to anyone, it’s fantastic!

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