Friday, February 21, 2014

FitBit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale Review

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I’ve had two or three scales over the last 15 years, and I have to say the FitBit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale beats them all. My first digital scale (I can’t remember the brand name now) worked for a while, but the readings began to be unreliable. I would take four or five readings in a row and the results would be all over the place. A difference of five to ten pounds. That’s when I switched to a needle scale. Worked well enough, and that’s how I tracked my weight progress when I lost 35 pounds. But the needle scale is kind of hard to read, unless you’re on a big number that ends in a “0” or “5”.

When I heard about the Aria scale, I had my doubts. Was it going to be like any other digital scale? Were the readings going to fluctuate a lot? Was it going to be worth it? The FitBit Aria syncs all of the readings to your FitBit account through Wi-Fi. You can view all of your stats (weight, body fat percentage, and BMI) on your FitBit account on your computer (you can see your weight and body fat percentage on the app).

You can have up to eight people on the same scale. That’s eight users (people with FitBit accounts), but more people can use it certainly. They’ll just be “guests”. If you don’t have a FitBit account, you can still use the scale (You might get an account just by having the scale, I don’t think you need a fitness tracker. I don't know for certain though.).

This sucker is accurate. I tested it out on several surfaces, and there’s only a slight variation in the readings. The biggest fluctuation was using it on carpet and then using it on tile. It fluctuated about one or two pounds. Not bad. So, pick your area and stick to it. I use tile to weigh myself on. I also tested it by weighing myself several times in a row. Slight variations, but nothing over a pound.

You can check your stats on the computer, tablets, and smartphones. I know for a fact that the iPad 2 does not support the app, I’m not sure about the “new” iPad (iPad 3?) or the mini. I think any iPad after the mini does support the app. My iPod Touch 5 and iPhone 5s both support the app. There are certain smart phones that don’t support the app yet, but I don’t know which ones those are. Over time, they should though.

I would definitely recommend the FitBit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale, particularly if you have one of their fitness trackers. It’s reliable, light-weight, and sleek-looking. It does take time to get it set up. We did have some problems with that, but I think it was my fault whatever went wrong. You set it up with your mobile device, and you need a Wi-Fi signal. Wi-Fi is how the scale uploads data to your online account. It takes batteries, and so far mine is still reading a “full charge”, and that’s after a few months of use.

Love my FitBit scale, it’s great! Another good motivator to keep me moving.

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