Monday, February 17, 2014

Late Mileage Monday

Better late than never though, right? Today I've been getting side-tracked by one thing after another. But in the end, everything is still getting done...for the most part. I have some more pictures from the virtual walk, so there's your proof than I AM still moving!

Oh! One thing I did want to mention here on this blog. I did a little experiment last week. I have always been suspicious of how many miles I actually do during a Leslie Sansone DVD. So I marked the mileage point on my FitBit from when I started the DVD, and then marked the mileage point when I was done. Turns out the 5K With A Twist isn't a 5k. It's more like 1.8 miles. Ugh. Far from 3.1 miles. I could have handled it only being 2.75 miles, maybe even 2.5, but 1.8? Really? Ah well. I had a feeling I wasn't really going that far, but this just proved it. I need to do the same with the 5 Mile Fat Burning Walk and also with my elliptical mile. I'll have those results next week, well at least the elliptical.

On to the mileage pictures!

Mile 730.4 (watp for 5 miles)                                        Mile 735.4 (watp for 5 miles)

Mile 737.4 (Marched in place for 2 miles)                     Mile 740.6 (watp for 3.1 miles)

So, I'm now I need to figure out if I want to really be strict about my mileage. Should I go by the mileage I get from my FitBit Force or stick with the assumed mileage from the DVDs? I'll still do the DVDs, but I feel like I'm cheating on the virtual walk now by saying I'm going 3.1 miles and only going 1.8. Thoughts?

Either way, keep moving!

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