Sunday, February 23, 2014

FitBit Force Voluntary Recall

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Well, I’m a bit bummed. A day after I posted my FitBit Force review, FitBit came out saying they’re conducting a voluntary recall. They’ve already pulled the Force from their store website, and are no longer selling it. Here’s the letter from the CEO. Here's a link to the letter.

As far as I know, the only other product they no longer sell is the FitBit Ultra. However, even though they don’t sell the Ultra anymore, they still support it. They don’t say whether or not they will still support the Force, but my guess is they won’t. So I have a few options.

1. I can send my Force back now, get my refund, and put that money towards a FitBit One right away.
2. I can wait until they announce their new device, decide if it’s something I want, and then send my Force back for a refund.
3. I can send my Force back now and wait for them to announce the new device.
4. I can keep my Force and see what happens.

OK, so obviously option 4 is not going to be what I choose. If they’re no longer going to support the device, why should I keep it? I don’t really want to go with option 3 because if I send back my Force now and they don’t announce the new product for a month or two, then I would be stuck with no tracker. I’ve gotten so used to having a tracker, I’d go nuts without one now.

So, it’s either option 1 or 2. They say they’ll be announcing the new product soon. But how soon is “soon”? A week? A month? Longer? If they keep supporting the Force and will accept returns until then, fine. Otherwise, if I wait until they announce, and they no longer accept returns, I’m stuck.

My guess, and this is only my guess, is that they’ll accept returns for a while after they announce the new device. That would be the smart thing they could do. They didn’t put an end date as to when you could send the Force back, so I’m hoping I’m right in my assumption. I hope they announce it soon.

For now, I’m still wearing and using my Force, and I’m still loving it. I am so bummed that this is happening. Hopefully the new device will be a lot like the Force only with a different metal and material. We shall see.

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