Saturday, April 19, 2014

FitBit One Review

(photo credit: Me)
Pictured from left to write: charger, dime (for size comparison), One tracker, One clip holder

I've had my FitBit One for about two weeks. I love it! It's almost exactly like the Force, only you clip in to your clothing. You can clip it to either your waist band, your shoe, or for the ladies, your bra. I always have it on my shoe. Since I have cerebral palsy, my balance is so much better when I wear shoes. My lack of balance is not only due to my cerebral palsy, but also my lack of confidence and fear of falling. I'm not as bad as I once was, but I still have work to do.

Back to the FitBit One. The tracker itself is a bit larger than the tracker of the FitBit Flex. The FitBit One can be placed in a clip holder during the day, and slipped into a wrist sleeve at night to track your sleep. The clip holder is made from a silicone rubber material and has a very sturdy clip. It's easy to hook it to your clothing, and seems to stay put for the most part. The opening for the holder is fairly secure. I worry about the tracker falling out of the holder when I'm on the floor playing ball with the dog. Since I clip it to my shoe, the tracker is moving against the floor and can pop out. It popped out on my this morning. That was the first time it's done that though, so I'm thinking the opening of the holder loses it's sturdiness after a while. It gets worn out. I'll keep my eye on that. I might have to be creative if it pops out frequently. Rubber band maybe?

(photo credit: Me)
Pictured: One sleep sleeve

The wrist sleeve at night is secure, but it's a bit large. I got used to having something on my wrist at night since I had both the Fitbit Flex and the FitBit Force, so it's not too bothersome for me. It might take some getting used to otherwise. You slip the tracker into a small slit on the wrist sleeve, and it rests in a little pocket for the night. The sleeve closes with velcro, and so far it's holding up. I've only had it a few weeks, so over time it may lose it's stickiness, but so far so good. Like the Force, press and hold the button until you feel it vibrate. It will then be is sleep mode and you'll see a stopwatch start to count upwards. In the morning, press and hold the button again until you feel it vibrate and it will be out of sleep mode.

The tracker has a display screen just like the FitBit Force. You scroll through all of your goals by pressing the button. The one thing the One has on the display screen that the Force doesn't is a flower that grows the closer you get to your main goal. The flower gets more petals the closer you get to your goal.

Overall, my favorite FitBit tracker is the One. My reasoning is this. While I love the aspect of the wrist band, I find they're not accurate for my step tracking. Because I have cerebral palsy, I sit for most of the day. I do my elliptical and my Leslie Sansone workouts, but other than that, I roll around in my computer chair and the old wheel chair (yes still...stupid fear). So, by keeping the tracker on my shoe, I get a better idea of just how many steps I take in a day. On my non-exercise days, I get between 1,000 and 2,000 steps. Not good. On my exercise days, depending on which workout I do, I get between 4,000 and 7,000 a day. Better, but still not the recommended 10,000 steps a day.

I plan on doing some testing with the FitBit One. I'll wear it on different parts of my body and see how accurate it is. I plan to wear it on my shoe (do that already), my waist band, and my bra. I'll see how much my steps vary from one area to the other. I did do a quick test when I first got it, and was a bit perturbed by the waist band. I did 50 steps marching in place. When it was on my shoe, it registered 61 steps. It registered 0 steps on my waist band. On my bra it registered 81. So, quite a difference. I don't know why it didn't register any steps on my waist band. I'll re-do that test and see what happens.

My step tests will be done with the following:
-My elliptical
-Leslie Sansone dvds
-Straight marching in place

I'll work on this experiment over the next week or so, and will have those results. I'm really interested in the results from the elliptical. I can already say that it is fairly accurate on my shoe. It registered about .9 mile on my shoe. Not too bad. I'd rather it be low than be high. That way I can get more exercise in to fill the remaining mileage.

I highly recommend the FitBit One! They did have issues with the Force, but I still believe in their products. So don't be leery of them. And their customer service is wonderful.

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