Saturday, February 13, 2010

Could Be An Interesting Day

Well, today hasn't started out exactly as planned. But let's back up a bit. Yesterday afternoon, I received a delivery of chocolaty goodness. My parents sent us the yearly Godiva box. Yum!

 As you can see, my husband and I have already dug into the box. I love Godiva. So good.

I woke up this morning at 5:30. My husband had to go out to work for a few hours this morning, and I decided to get up early also to get some writing done. Well, it hasn't exactly worked out the way I had hoped. I started my morning off as I usually do with this.

Teavana, I love Teavana. I have two cups of green tea in my special Tea mug my mom sent me a few years ago. Yum, it's a good  way to start the morning. As I was taking the pot out to the kitchen I dropped it, and it spilled tea leaves all over the place. Luckily the pot stayed intact and didn't break. Thank you tea gods. I ended up vacuuming our room and it wasn't even 7 AM yet!

I then decided it was probably going to be a long day and I poured myself some of my husband's left over morning coffee which was still warm. I used to drink coffee all the time, but I added sugar and creamer to it. I haven't had a cup of coffee for two years. I decided to test myself this morning, to see if I could drink it black. And I did! Surprised me. It wasn 't as bitter as it used to be. Very strange. Could this be the beginning of me drinking coffee again? Maybe. Probably not every day, but on early mornings like this, quite possibly.

So, now that I'm all caffeinated, I'm going to get some writing done. I think I have about half an hour before my husband gets back from work, maybe a little more. I can get something written in that amount of time. Must resist reading other blogs. I'm getting behind, but I can catch up later today.

I still need to get breakfast, so maybe I'll do that first. Honey Bunches Of Oats here I come!


  1. I hope you had a happy Valentines Day and a constructive writing weekend.

  2. Our Valentine's day was pretty quiet. Just hung out at the house. I got a little writing done, and then we watched TV in the evening. Was a night night. :)