Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Quick Little Post

I'm still not quite 100%. I'm still dealing with a stuffy nose and a cough. And headaches come and go at random times. I was hoping this cold would have been gone by now, but it still lingers. It's annoying, and I still lose energy if I do too much.

I was able to do a quick workout Monday. I did 20 minutes of my pilates video, and my floor arm routine. I plan on writing up the exercises I do regularly and posting them here to my blog for you all to get an idea of what I do three days a week.

I've been getting more writing done lately which is good. I still need to work on getting a set schedule set up. I find myself checking email and reading blog posts more often than I should. I have conquered the FaceBook problem though. I used to "play" several games one there and I've cut those out. They were a time sink and just silly. I'm thinking about taking a five or ten minute break ever 90 minutes to check mail and blogs and then getting back to it. That sounds like a good deal.

Not a whole lot is going on today. I'm still fighting this cold, like I said, and am taking it easy. Tomorrow I plan on doing more pilates and arm work. And of course more writing.

This is kind of a wimpy entry, but I thought I needed to write something just to keep me in the habit. Keep on moving everyone!

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