Saturday, February 6, 2010

New Page Feature On Blogger And Other Things

Thank you to Google, and to Blogger for adding an "About" page to their layout! And thank you to the Absolute Write forums for pointing this out! I've now got an actual "About Tee" page instead of a blog post that I used to link to in my info section (over on the right by my pic). I've been wanting an About Me page ever since I started this blog. So thank you, thank you, thank you, for this new feature on Blogger!

The weather in the southern CA desert has been really strange the last few months. Cloudy, and rainy. I'm not sure if it's rained at all here today yet, but I think it did early in the morning. It's cloudy, that's for sure. I'm loving this weather. Highs are still nice, in the 70s, and I'm enjoying that as well.

On the writing front of things, it's going very well. For one of my ghost writing sites that I write for, I got a few Direct Orders. A Direct Order is when someone who wants an article written sends the order directly to you and not to the public section for anyone to pick up. I was really surprised when I got the e-mails letting me know I had Direct Orders waiting for me. I actually did a double take. I was giddy for a few hours following that. Direct Orders also mean I get paid more for the articles, and that's a big incentive to keep writing. I got all three articles written and turned in last night and they've been accepted, so that's a great sign. I let the customer know that I'm available if they need anything else written (it's good etiquette to follow up with a customer to keep the work coming your way).

As far my exercising goes, well, I'm slacking. I skipped most of last week, mostly because I was lazy, but I was still a little under the weather (still have an annoying cough that won't seem to leave). But come Monday, I'm back at it. Oh! I just realized, with the new page section on Blogger, I can set up a page strictly for my workout exercises that I do. I was just planning on writing a post, but I may as well get up an actual page for it. Much easier for people to access it, rather than digging through posts to find it.

How's your weekend going? Do you have wild weather where you live?

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