Sunday, March 28, 2010

"Maté Vana" Review

My second Teavana review is on the “Maté Vana” tea. This is another caffeinated tea that I'll be drinking in the mornings. This tea contains the following ingredients.

•    Roasted Maté
•    Cacao nibs
•    Roobios
•    Chocolate chips (sugar, cocoa)
•    Flavoring
•    White chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, dextrose)
•    Almonds
•    Cactus flower
•    Sunflower and cornflower petals

When I opened the package, the chocolate scent was the strongest by far. I could also smell a hint of the almonds. It says to use 1.5 teaspoons per eight ounces, and to let it steep for five to six minutes. Again I only used 1.5 teaspoons for 16 ounces and it turned out just fine. As it steeped, it kept getting darker, and darker. And the smell got a lot stronger.

The taste was smooth, and I could definitely taste the chocolate. I had to think about what the taste reminded me of, and it finally hit me. It tastes kind of like as tootsie roll pop. I would definitely recommend this particular to tea to anyone who loves chocolate. It is a maté tea, so it does contain caffeine, but doesn't give you the jitters like coffee does.

Just like the “My Morning Maté” tea, this tea does contain nut products, so if you're allergic, be aware.

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