Monday, October 22, 2012

Mileage Monday Strikes Again!

Seems like I just did one of these. The days are flying by, and so are the miles! Monday’s workout might be a light day or another off day. I might just do strength training, and call it a day. My lower right leg still has knots in it, plus I was doing a lot of kneeling and bending over on Sunday. So I worked out Sunday, even though I didn’t “work out”.

I went through a bunch of old clothes and washed them. I plan on giving them away someplace. I do not like throwing away clothes if they’re still wearable. I feel bad. I have a hard time giving stuff away sometimes too. I still have my Snoopy from when I was like 3 years old. Plus a few other stuffed animals. They’re in a bag in the closet. What should I do with them? Hmmm.

I went through one drawer thinking it was full of certain clothes, but it turned out to be filled with my fat pants. No hesitation on those suckers. They went into the washing machine and will be given away somewhere at some point.

We’ll see what happens today in terms of working out. I won’t feel bad for taking it off if I do. Tuesday, however, I’ll be aiming for a mile on the elliptical. We’ll see how the knots are then.

Here are the pictures from the virtual walk site.

Mile 466.2 (elliptical for .5 mile)                                  Mile 466.8 (elliptical for .5 mile)

466.2 Elliptical for .5                      466.8 Elliptical for .5

Mile 467.2 (elliptical for .5 mile)                                  Mile 467.8 (elliptical for .5 mile

467.2 Elliptical for .5                      467.8 Elliptical for .5

Mile 468.2 (elliptical for .5 mile)                                   Mile 469 (elliptical for .7 mile)

468.2 Elliptcal for .5                       469 Elliptical for .7


(photo credit - Copyright 2006 Lawrence Berkeley Lab)

Keep moving!


  1. Way to go Terrie. By the way, I still have one of my baby dolls from when I was about 3. Some things you just can't part with. I also have your Snoopy clothes. Let me know if you want them. Teehee!

  2. I remember Chatterbox! I like that doll. You can get rid of the Snoopy clothes. I have no need for them. I still have the whole Snoopy clan. Snoopy, Belle, Woodstock, and Spike. Those old clothes have got to be just threads by now.