Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rest Day Thursday

I don’t really plan my rest days for any particular day of the week. I let my body tell me when it needs a break. Today might be a rest day. I haven’t totally decided yet, but I’m pretty sure. I usually have one or two rest days a week. My legs aren’t overly tired, but they’re getting there. I’ll know for sure when I do my morning stretches. While the cute picture above isn't exactly how I'll be spending a rest day, I'll eventually end up on the couch at some point this evening.

Wednesday’s wonky day went pretty well. I had that package I needed to wait for, and luckily it showed up a little after 10 in the morning. While I waited, I emptied the dishwasher, re-loaded it, and straightened up the kitchen a bit. I also managed to read some of the current book I’m reading. I’m planning on doing a post soon about some of the books I’ve read in the last several months. Some have been really good.

I had lunch first, and then did my strength training. Remember how I said I’d probably get my strength training done before breakfast? Didn’t happen. Other things came first, and well, like I said, life happens. I did get everything done (I never did vacuum, but that’s OK), including all of my laundry.

The mile on the elliptical went smoothly. I again met my goal of 300 revolution breaks. It got steadily harder after the half mile mark, but I pushed on. That’s why I’m thinking it may be a rest day today too. I might be sluggish and slow on the elliptical today. Here are my stats from yesterday.

Strength Training: Regular Routine

Cardio - Elliptical:
Distance - 1 mile
Revolutions - 1600
Resistance Level - 1
Endurance - Good
Injury - None
Time - 31:55

Keep moving! Listen to your body and take a rest day if you need one.

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