Monday, October 28, 2013

Leslie Sansone’s October Challenge – Final Week


It’s hard to believe it’s already the end of Leslie Sansone’s October challenge.I’ve done fairly well at sticking to the exercise routines. I did swap some of the walking miles for biking miles, but I was active every day. Monday’s are my weigh in days, and this morning I am still down 2 pounds. I was down 2 pounds last Monday, and it’s holding steady. The schedule for the last 3 days (she’s giving everyone a day off for celebration on the 31) is up. Here it is.

Monday, October 28 – 2 interval miles (she suggests The Big Burn dvd. It’s on youtube I think)

Tuesday, October 29  - 2 miles and core strength training

Wednesday, October 30 – 2 interval miles (again The Big Burn)

Thursday, October 31 – No structured exercise, but she says to celebrate by being active.

For today, I took a 2 mile (or almost) bike ride with my niece. So, that’s going to be my workout for the day. I’ve enjoyed this month’s challenge, and I hope she does another one soon. I like having a schedule to follow. I might make up a weekly plan from now on. I seems to follow it better and actually get it done sooner than if I have no written plan.

Have a great week, and keep moving!

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