Friday, January 29, 2010

Feeling A Bit Better

The cold that I've had since Monday night has really knocked me for a loop. It came on very hard and very fast. The worst days were Tuesday night and all day Wednesday. I actually lost my voice Tuesday night night and Wednesday morning. But on the up side, I think it's starting to go away. My nose is still stuffed up, I've got a slight cough still, but I have more energy than I did. I'm still not quite up to par, but I've getting better. I plan on taking today off from exercise and starting fresh Monday.

One thing than I found to be a tremendous help has been my Nasaline Irrigator.

I first bought my Nasaline Irrigator back in April or May of 2009, and I think it has been a very worthwhile purchase. This might be too much information, so if you want skip this section of the entry, go ahead

What you do is you fill up this large syringe with warm water and a teaspoon of salt. Then you stick the end in one nostril, tilt your head, and push the syringe so that the water goes up one nostril and out through the opposite nostril. It flushes out all of the junk that is stuck in your nose and makes it so you can breathe easier. You flush out both sides of your nose. It's best to have a lot of tissue nearby as you need to blow your nose right after you do it.

OK, it's safe again. Due to the fact that I was sick, I had soups or stew for lunch. It always makes me feel better to have a hot lunch when I'm sick. However, the soups and stews I had were high in sodium. I'm not really concerned about it as I don't make a habit of eating soups that often. I plan on getting back to my normal eating habits as quickly as possible. It didn't help that my husband got some ding dongs as a snack for himself. I ended up having two ding dongs last night for dessert. Luckily there are two ding dongs in one serving. I was only going to have one but I caved and had the second one. I don't plan on having any more ding dongs. I'm going back to my Chocolate Special K.

My plan for today is to take it easy some more and get some writing done. I find it easier to dictate a rough draft through the speech recognition software program that came with Windows 7. I speak faster than I type, so I can get my thoughts down faster. Once I get my thoughts, down I go back and reread everything and make edits as I go. I also need to straighten up our bedroom a bit, as it has become a disaster since I've been sick.

Do you tend to let housework go by the wayside when you're sick, or do you push through and do it anyway? For me, I do a bit of both. The easy things like wiping off tables or dusting I can still do, but things like vacuuming for moving furniture out of the way I put off until I feel better. For now keep on moving and try to stay healthy.

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