Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mileage Recap And Update

I did one mile today, and it was very slow. I plan on stretching a lot later today, and that should help a bit. This will be a short and sweet entry today.

Here are today's elliptical stats.

Distance-1 mile
Resistance level-1
Endurance-Slow.  Had to stop a 0.8 mile.
Injury-Muscle knots in my lower right leg. Not a big problem though.
1 mile time-35:55

Virtual walk website stats.

1 mile today
187.2 miles since April 28, 2008
.72 miles to Charlottesville, VA, Charlottesville City county

Here is the picture for today.

It's pretty neat to see other people on the road, especially people on bikes. This is the first biker that I've seen. This picture seems to be a bit fuzzy, but that's OK. You get the general idea.

Here is a recap of my times for the last week or so. These times are only for one mile.

Thursday, October 7: 33:45
Friday, October 8: Day off
Saturday, October 9: 34:15
Sunday, October 10: 33:50
Monday, October 11: Day off
Tuesday, October 12: 33:20 (personal record)
Wednesday, October 13: 34:12
Thursday, October 14: Day off
Friday, October 15: 34:22
Saturday, October 16: 35:55

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