Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday’s Mileage

Another day down. Got my half mile in today, and everything was fine. I keep a folded hand towel underneath my left foot, because my left leg is shorter than my right, and it gives me a bit of a lift so I'm not too uneven. I have to make sure that it doesn't slide off the pedal. It got bunched up underneath my foot, and started to slide off and it didn't feel right.

I went a little bit faster today, as a kind of test to see how it would feel. For the most part, it felt OK. I went as fast as 55 RPM, and that seemed to be fine.

Elliptical stats for the day:
Distance-0.5 mile
Resistance level-1
Injury- None. Need to make sure that towel stays under my left foot. It started to slide out from underneath, and made my foot feel weird.

Virtual walk tour stats for the day:
0.5 miles today
194.4 miles since April 28, 2008
6.5 miles to Mechums River, VA, Charlottesville City County

Here is the picture of the day.


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